13 Wise Choices That Will Help You to Stay Fit & Healthy

Do You Know that  less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activityeach day.

Yeah That’s true!

Also a recent reports claims that by the end of 2030, half of all adults (approx115 million adults) in the United States will be obese. 

The lifestyle and food culture we are following these days help us gain weight and cholesterol in lesser time.

Getting unhealthy is so easy these days, that all you need to do is eat recklessly.

Most of the people have desk jobs, which does the rest of the work of making them unfit and obese.

At the age of 26 when I started my well paid digital marketing job.

I was completely unaware of the fact that I have already joined the league of people, who are more concerned about making money.

Don’t judge me I am also inspired of  The Wolf of Wall Street. 

During this hustle I didn’t gave a damn about what I’m eating & how sick I am actually getting slowly and unknowingly.


By God’s grace, I understood the importance of fitness soon. (Actually when I got a patella dislocation!)

I started to learn how to keep my health up to the mark with my busy life schedule and the unhealthy food culture.

The most important thing I found was that “I HAVE TO CHOOSE WISELY”.

That’s it.

Yes, you have to choose wisely from the food you eat to the exercise you can do in little time to earn maximum benefits.

So, I chose wisely and in the end, I kept up with my choice to stay fit even with my busy work schedule.

Here I am sharing my list of choices to stay healthy. I hope this will help you find yours.

Schedule Time For Workout

C’mon, we all know that without managing things & time we can’t reach anywhere.

We schedule our work in office and home too.

So take workout as seriously as your household work or as your very important appointment in the office.

Just take some for workout.

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Lemon To Kill Toxic Demon

Lemon is a secret avenger (yeah you got it right, I love the avengers).

Lemon juice in the mornings will help you boost your immune system, balance your pH and flushes out toxins.

Nourish Your Brain

You can’t get healthy just by high quality eating and exercises.

We all go through hectic lifestyle and it is necessary to keep our mind in a positive frame.

Develop the habit of being positive throughout the day. Staying happy will lead you to being healthy.

nourish brain

Yes To Meditation & No To Medication

Meditation needs no introduction. We all are aware of its benefits.

Take some time to meditate, as this will help you get centered, more focused, reduce stress, and breathe better.

Cook At Home

Not a good cook? No problem, because you can become a good cook only with practice.

# Love your mom more.  And tell her that she is great everytime she cook for you. 

I was very bad at cooking in the beginning. But now I am a good cook.

Cooking for yourself will make you aware of what you are eating.

It will help you get rid of the addiction of processed food.

Try to cook light healthy food. Eat healthy not perfect.

Cook At Home

Always Remember You Are Busy

Obviously, there will be time when you won’t be able to cook for yourself.

Maybe you are doing something very important and have only a few minutes to eat something quickly.

In this situation, keep healthy snacks with you. I keep apple cinnamons energy barswith me.

keep healthy snacks with you

Monitor Your Fitness

Get a FIT-BIT FLEX for you now. That will help you to keep track of your daily physical activity and calories you burn in a day.

Fitbit Flex -Fitnessontips

Substitute Your Favorite Foods With Healthy Ones

Say ice cream and I will be on my knees! I love ice cream as much as a vampire craves for blood.

But I had to give it up, as it was not healthy for me.

Now I eat Greek yogurt sweetened with a little raw honey and chocolate chips.

No to ice cream

A Healthy Smoothie In Breakfast

I used to start my breakfast with a smoothie.

My smoothie recipe is weird but it is full of vital ingredients like magnesium, vitamin A & C, folic acid etc.

I used to mix up bananas, almond milk, coconut extract, spinach & last but not the least pineapple.

Now don’t make that kind of face, it’s delicious.

healthy smoothies in breakfast

Have Patience And Be Realistic

If you are working hard to lose your weight, then know that you have to be patient.

It won’t happen overnight. It takes time and a continuous effort to get fit and shed weight. Set realistic fitness goals for yourself.

Have Patience -Fitnessontips

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Circuit Training is the key

This kind of workout really works well, as it helps you to get rid of the extra fat in a certain time period.

You can also build strong muscles by adding these workout techniques to your schedule.

Circuit Training - Fitnessontips

Choose a Playlist That Boost You Up

Music works like an energy booster for me. While you workout or are out jogging, listen to the songs that motivate you.

Choose songs that fill you with energy.

choose playlist that boost your mood

Sleep well

Your body and mind really need time to relax. You need to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day.

sleep well


So this is the list of choices I made to keep myself healthy. Life is a gift and so is your body.

So make your own list of wise choices now and lead a healthy life.

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