A Beginner’s guide to Hatha Yoga Poses

Hatha Yoga

Are you thinking to make Yoga an important part of your life? If yes! Hatha yoga can be the best yoga practice to start with.

Nowadays everyone wants to be fit and conscious as much as possible. But it seems to be impossible in our everyday life because of our busy schedules. 

But with Yoga, you can add the best fitness practices to your daily routine. And Hatha yoga is the best one to start with.

So, Here you will get to know a piece of detailed information about Hatha Yoga.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is a form of Yoga, which was discovered in Northern India more than five thousand years ago. The Hatha is a word of Sanskrit language, which denotes to force, therefore it is defined as the yoga of force. And usually known as a system of physical techniques.

In Hatha Yoga, you can practice Asana (body postures) and Pranayama (breathing exercises). Both of these include the best practices for physical and mental wellness.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Like all other forms of yoga, there are so many benefits of Hatha Yoga. In terms of physical and mental wellness some major benefits are–:

  • It reduces your mental stress and makes your mind healthier and peaceful.
  • It improves blood circulation and the immune system in your body.
  • By practicing Hatha Yoga regularly, you can make your skin healthier and glowing.
  • It improves the strength of your heart and makes it more efficient.
  • It makes your body more flexible and more efficient for everyday physical work. 
  • It also helps you to reduce extra fat from your body.
  • Hath Yoga poses will help to fight with the problems like joint pain or backache.

7 Easiest Hatha Yoga Poses for the Beginners

1.Tadasana (Mountain Pose)- To get this pose you have to stand straight with the feet together. Move palm by the side of your thighs and tuck your tailbone in. Raise your arm and fold them with deep inhaling to the overhead. Try to hold this pose for a minimum of 60 seconds.

2.Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)- First of all, lie on your stomach and lift the shoulders and head slowly. And then fold your arms in the front. Now keeping the elbows pointing, place your right arm just above your left arm. Now close your eyes for a few minutes, relax your mind, and release the stress. After some time, open your eyes.

3.Muktasana (Freedom Pose)- First fold your right knee and then fold your left knee. Now place your palm over the knees and try to straighten your spinal cord. Keep your breathing normal try to stay in this pose for a minimum of 2-3 minutes.

4.Savasana (Corpse Pose)- At first lie on the ground and make sure your spinal cord should be straight. Your palms should be facing upwards and keep your arms wide. Now relax your whole body and close your eyes for 4-5 minutes. Then open your eyes and feel the relaxation in your body.

5.Sidhasana (Accomplished Pose)- Start it by sitting on the ground, straighten your legs in front of you. Bring your left heel close to your inguinal by folding your knee. Now fold your left knee and place it to the front of the left ankle. After this place your palms down to the knees. Your knees should be touching the ground. Now breathe deeply and stay in this posture as much as you can.

6.Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose)- At first begin with kneeling on the ground and pull your ankle and knees together. The sole of your feet should be upward. Now straighten your spinal cord and place your hands on your thighs. Inhale slowly and relax your body. 

7.Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)- Stand straight keeping your arms by side and relax your shoulders. Now fold your right leg and place it just above your left leg’s thigh. Try to maintain the balance of your body. After that place your hands in “Namaste” mudra just above your head.

These are some of the easiest Hath Yoga poses (Asanas) to practice. You can try all of them easily at your home with comfort.

Now you can add Hatha Yoga to your daily routine as an important part of your life for a healthier and stress-free life.  

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