What is Mushti Mudra?

Mushti is a Sanskrit word, which means fist (Mutthi). Therefore, Mushti mudra is somehow recognized as the fist Mudra. The Mudra is to denote anger, and it consistently decreases emotional anger. The human body reacts to the emotion like anger and fear or pain by clenching the fingers into the shape of a fist. Mushti Mudra helps to get rid of such emotions. A sense of dissimilarity can be felt in 5 minutes. 

Many scientists and researchers have been researching the significance of Mushti Mudra. They have found out that the ancient sources say a lot about mushti mudra. According to the sources, mushti mudra originated from a Hindu Mythology called Vishnu Purana. When Lord Vishnu used this hand gesture to fight with the Asur named Madhu. 

How to perform Mushti Mudra :

  1. Your body should be in a relaxed sitting position, your hands should be positioned in a way so that the back of hands are placed on thighs, your palms should be upwards in position. You have to lock your eyes and adjust the place if needed so that the body can stay at ease as well as still.
  2. Breathe in a relaxed manner and let your breathing turn into longer and slowly a feeling of letting go will develop. 
  3. Then twist the fingers of both hands in a position where the tips of fingers are into the palms. Then place the thumbs onto the ring finger and apply steady but light pressure.
  4. Take a concern at any physical sensations you feel in the hands and any emotional changes occur while the inhalation is directed inwards to the manicure Chakra at the solar plexus and meanwhile the exhalation is heading outwards through the whole body.
  5. You will feel then that each inhalation is bringing some positive energy opposite the fire and every exhalation is taking out the deep-seated tensions plus irritation.
  6. You should carry on doing this for about 15 minutes at any time and at any place of your choice. 
  7. The hands mechanically form fists throughout the whole process and while the moment of huge emotions.
  8. You can hold for 5 minutes to let go of the negativities and can do 3 times a day for 15 minutes regularly.

Benefits of Mushti Mudra

  1. Reduces constipation: This mudra sets off the energy from the liver and stomach, increases the digestion power, helps in treating the problem of constipation. 
  2. Positivity: This helps in building up good emotions and positivity. When we clench the fist into a Mutthi the negativity gets collected into it. The emotions will become positive and we will feel good. 
  3. Eliminate Irritation: Regular practising this mudra will help in eliminating the irritations plus in decreasing the anger, improving liver health, lowering high blood pressure, and gives many other benefits to the body and mind.
  4. Reduces Anger: The fist here is a mark of anger or threat. It will instantly reduce when we make a fist. 
  5. Boost Digestion: It helps in boosting digestion, maintaining stomach health and alleviating constipation.
  6. Reduces Tingling: It reduces the tingling in the body parts by giving positive energy to the body. 
  7. Heals Breathing Problems: Gives relief from body shivering, phlegm in windpipe or feeling of lethargy and inertia resulting in improvement of any breathing problems. 
  8. Reduces Tension: Reduces the pressure and tensions of mind.

Tackle Depression: It is beneficial when feeling depressed and discouraged by giving positive and powerful energy to the mind.


Practising Mushti Mudra can be a huge benefit to our mind and body. If you treat Mushti Mudra as therapy then you should perform it at least three times a day. Although there is no specific time period in which you should perform Mushti Mudra, it is believed that doing this mudra after the meal can be good for your digestion process. Also, if the Mudra is paired with that of a yogic medication then it will be a great stress reducer. 

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