What are the effects of practicing yoga daily?

Yoga has been a source of enlightenment, healing, and inner strength. To maintain the equilibrium of the body and the soul, you must have a triple equilibrium- mental, vital, and physical and this should not only be individually but must be mutually related as well. 

Sir Aurobindo in Health, Healing and Yoga (1979) says, 

“Look for the inner causes of disharmony much more than the outer ones. It is the inside  which governs the outside”. 

Effects of practicing Yoga daily can be felt significantly by an individual both at internal and external levels:- 

Transformation of the soul:  

You not only understand yourself but become the master of the circumstances of your life. This realisation naturally asks for a lot of concentration, self-mastery, consciousness pushed into the matter and if you attain perfection in this realm then this will open new horizons to you; a path that is one step on the path leading to transformation.  


A mental resolution is not enough. Mentally, one arrives at many results but to actually figure out  the direction something else is required. One must pass from the mind into the domain of faith or  higher consciousness to act. People with simple heart, mental development and deep faith have a  great power of action over their bodies.  

Will Power: 

Your will power depends upon the consciousness you have developed and the character of the  forces your are able to bring into play. You can develop your will power by the force of your inner  consciousness which will slowly bring the outward changes.  


As contemporary life, in all its aspects, is getting more and more violent and conflict-ridden, there is a growing concern for resolving conflicts and realizing peace in day-to-day existence. Practicing yoga prepares our body and mind to experience inner found peace. 

An Extraordinary effect of the ‘Mantra’: 

When you choose a mantra; or rather, one day it comes to you spontaneously in a moment of difficulty. If you are able to recognize the mantra (expression of aspirations) and its impact, then 

That can be also a part of your emotional first aid kit. Whenever you face anxiety, anguish, you can automatically use it to calm yourself down. This can also lead to awareness of one’s issues and problems.  

Understanding of Pain and Suffering: 

One cannot help others to overcome their griefs and suffering unless one overcomes them in oneself and become master of one’s sentiments and response. If at any time a deep sorrow, a doubt, or an intense pain overwhelms you and drives you to despair, there is an infallible way to regain calm and peace through yoga.  


To discipline one’s life is not easy, even for those are strong; it needs practice, courage and  enduring. But before trying to discipline one’s whole life, one must at least try to discipline one  activity and persist until one succeeds. Yoga in this place can play an integral activity to focus  upon. 

Freedom from Fear: 

Naturally it always depends on the constitution of each person but when one can eliminate fear  then can properly think about growth and development of life and acquire control over oneself. Practicing yoga can make us confident about our own self in totality.  

Physical Health Benefits: 

Physical culture is the best way of developing the consciousness of the body, and the more the body is conscious, the more it is capable of receiving the divine forces that are at work to transform it. Regularly practicing yoga can also help to increase flexibility, muscle strength reduces inflammation, improve heart health, improve skin conditions. In totality, yoga can improve the quality of life. Studies have looked at how yoga can improve quality of life and reduce symptoms in patients with cancer. Other studies have found that yoga may help improve sleep quality,  enhance well-being, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. The physical being itself can be the seat of perfect existence, knowledge, and bliss.  

The effects mentioned above can be significantly vibrant in an individual’s personality through  yoga. At a personal level you can experience a unique sense of calmness every time you practice. 

“In karma yoga no effort is ever lost, and there is no harm. Even a little practice of this  discipline protects one from great fear of birth and death.” -Bhagavad Gita


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